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Skinny jab!!


If you’re reading this I hope that you are doing well.

There’s lots of information in the news recently about the changes that are happening in the fitness industry and why so many of us are depending on the gyms re-opening soon. Lots of people have fallen off their normal routine and are struggling to eat their normal meals.

Last week I spent some time reflecting on when I used to drink ‘Bootea’ in the hope that it would make me less bloated. I took a look at the current ‘quick fixes’ for weight loss during 2020.


I have found lots and lots of companies that offer speedy weight loss with pills and potions.

To name a few.. BooTea/Skinny Coffee, Herbalife weight loss shakes, ‘fat burning’ tablets, raspberry ketones (google quick fixes for weightloss for a full list).

I’m not exactly sure why Holland and Barratt sells most of these products as I’d always seen their brand as one which promotes health.


Boom Bod got my attention because I have seen it advertised before by ‘influencers’ on social media (anyone with a significant following – basically gets paid to take a few pictures and post some videos on the product).

Boom Bod sell supplements for ‘weight loss’ and they even have a 7 day achiever. Boom bod contains glucomannan which is a natural laxative and diarrhoea is often reported a side effect of drinking their products.

But if shitting yourself isn’t enough.. There’s a very scary new fitness trend promoted by celebs like Kerry Katona and Gemma Collins who both have very big online followings and are extremely influential on young impressionable girls.

They are currently promoting Skinny jab which is focused on a 4 week jab to ‘melt fat away’ at only £250-£350 a month.

It includes daily or weekly injections of a drug called liraglutide which is usually used in adults and children over 10 who have type 2 diabetes (where their body does not use insulin normally and cannot control the amount of sugar in the blood).

Side effects can include: headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, indigestion, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, constipation, cold symptoms, back pain, skin rash, upper respiratory tract infection or redness/rash where the medicine is injected.

Serious side effects: swelling or a lump in your throat, hoarse voice, trouble swallowing, shortness of breath, urinating less than usual or not at all, weakness, confusion, loss of appetite, increase heart rate/palpitations, swelling, weight gain, pancreatitis, infection, nosebleeds/bleeding gums, mouth sores. 

During a time when it has NEVER been more important for our nation to become active and healthy, it is absolutely shocking that companies can sell these products promising weight loss with total disregard to the side effects and long term effects it can have on people.

If you want to loose weight because you are over weight and it is effecting your health, it’s important that you get some professional advise and support. As you can see from this brief overview these weight loss product can cause some serious side effects on your body and health, let alone the effects it will have on your attitude towards food and what you really need to do to become healthier.

There’s no quick fix to becoming healthier, it takes time, consistency and patience. Think before you buy, health is wealth.

Charlotte x


Skinny jab!!

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