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How to improve your balance in 1 minute!

I always teach a balance exercise at the end of every Pilates and stretch class that I do. Putting a balance exercise into your everyday life is the easiest thing you can do. You do not need to warm up or cool down to practise your balance. You may want to walk around if you have been still for a long time, but that is about it.

Balance is often not practised enough. Having good balance can help to improve your co-ordination and ability to react to sudden changes in direction. Which is especially important as we get older and are more likely to get an injury from falling. However, balance exercises are important to practise at any age because balance is a key component of fitness.

Usually I like to do lots of functional exercises when I exercise such as walking lunges and one leg deadlifts but I’m currently recovering from a L5/S1 disc injury so for me standing on one leg at the moment is really challenging and I can really feel my core and stabilising muscles working.

Remember, if you are just starting a new fitness program it’s important that you don’t focus on anyone else’s journey, just work on creating a better version of you, every single day.

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