Back pain when sitting… – Charlotte Jane

Back pain when sitting…


Thanks for checking out my website. You’re probably reading this because:

1) You sit a lot

2) You work at a desk

3) You get back pain

4) You don’t know what to do about it

5) All of the above

I will NEVER EVER sit at a computer again, to find out why continue reading… Reading time 2 minutes.

As well as the effects on muscular imbalances that being sedentary can cause, like tight hips or tight chest muscles from having round shoulders. Sitting can substantially increase the pressure on your spinal discs, if you combine sitting with leaning forwards this can increase it even more.

In Jan 2019, I started recording and editing online fitness videos, to do this I was sitting and leaning forwards towards a microphone for hours everyday. I’d also been doing some heavy weight lifting for a few years and massaging (leaning forwards over a couch) for 10 years. I started getting a bit of lower back pain at the end of 2019, but I was so close to finishing my videos that I tried to ignore it. Eventually my back gave up and I ended up with a herniated disc between my L5/S1 vertebrae confirmed in Feb 2020 with an MRI scan. Up until this point I have spent most of my life injury free always listening to my body whenever I got a ‘twinge’.

This injury has affected my life massively. During the worst days and weeks I couldn’t even go out for a walk, bend forwards, sit or drive due to the intense nerve pain down my leg. I have spent 10 weeks in lockdown sleeping on a yoga mat.

I have always known that sitting is NOT good for you but I NEVER expected to experience what I have at 29. I have learnt my lesson the hard way, I’m glad that I’m recovering and I feel blessed everyday to have an almost fully functioning body back.

I URGE you to think about your work / lifestyle routine and start to sit less throughout the day. If you’re working from home or are generally desk based. Start by trying to standing up for 2-3 hours a day. You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on a standing desk, sometimes I stand it in kitchen with the fruit bowl upside down, a few recipe books, then my laptop on top.

If you’re already struggling with aches and pains in your back it’s time to listen to your body now before it’s too late! You can’t reverse the effects of sitting down all down so it’s best to change your position as soon as you can.

Message me if you would like any help with setting up a desk or how to make the transition between sitting all day to standing.

Always here to help 🙂

C x

Back pain when sitting…

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