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£10.00 per month / month with a 60-day free trial and a £20.00 sign-up fee

The silver membership package currently includes an 8 week Pilates program aimed to help you improve your strength and flexibility. This program is suitable for anyone who wants to do some gentle exercise to help improve their mobility, it includes all over body workouts focusing on strengthening the core. The videos focus on technique, which is extremely important when you exercise to improve your posture and how well your body functions.

If you feel as though you have tight muscles, you may benefit from completing the stretch videos which are less than 10 minutes long and are easy to follow.


*NEW* to 2021 this package now includes a 6 week workout program which includes a lower body workout, upper body workout and a full body workout each week. Each week the videos progress slightly in intensity, it’s important that you only move onto the next week if you feel as though the week that you have just completed wasn’t too challenging. You will need a set of weights, ideally dumbbells for this program.



The 8 week Pilates program in this membership is suitable for anyone who does not currently have any medical conditions which could affect your participation. If you have done Pilates before, these videos have a fully body approach which include some strength and some mobility exercises. If you have done these exercises before at a ‘higher’ level of intensity I would still recommend starting them at an easier level of effort to ensure that you build up your strength progressively with the correct technique.

The videos in the package require little or no equipment and can be done in the comfort of your own home. You can watch the videos to see what the exercises are, then when you get used to it, you should be able to let it play so that you can just follow the instructions. You may if you have not already want to get yourself a exercise mat, resistance band and small Pilates ball.

Please check with your relevant health advisor before committing to this program.  If you have been given the all clear to exercise, it is still very important for you to listen to your body and to not do any of the exercises, if they are causing you any problems. For more information please refer to our T’s and C’s. If you have any questions, queries or worries, please feel free to contact me using the links below.

5 reviews for Silver Membership

  1. Vinod K (verified owner)

    I subscribed to Charlotte’s silver membership on 14 May 2020.
    I am so grateful to Charlotte for launching her website , especially during this pandemic and with Manor Gym temporary shut down .
    I am sure joining membership to this website will be beneficial to people of all ages and would highly recommend it.
    Strength and flexibility eight videos:
    All the videos are very inspiring with clear instructions,visual demonstrations and focus on correct technique.
    I started with Video 1 and gradually progressed to Video 8.
    In my opinion I find video number one a perfect start to gain flexibility, stamina , mobility .
    I then gradually moved on to doing other videos which are challenging & requires focus with attaining correct technique of engaging the pelvic floor!
    I Would highly recommend joining Charlotte’s online website.
    Vinod Kachhela

  2. James Woodford (verified owner)

    Being a member at my local gym I was a regular in Charlotte’s classes. She helped transform me from being a middle aged creaking gate to feeling a good deal younger and far more mobile and flexible.
    With the recent gym closure due to the pandemic, I was so grateful that her website provided me with the chance to carry on from home using her online videos. I subscribed to the silver membership which provided a set of excellent videos with clear instruction that I could follow. Each video took you a little further through the course.
    In addition to the online content, Charlotte has also been providing regular live online classes where she advises all attendees on technique and postural positioning and even gives options on level of difficulty so you can meet your own capabilities.
    I would thoroughly recommend subscribing to the packages available. It’s suitable for all ages and really does make a difference to how your body feels.
    So little effort for brilliant results!

  3. Susan P (verified owner)

    Charlotte’s classes always have clear instructions, a range of progressive activities including pre and post workout stretch activities. Her video classes are exactly the same all delivered with her customary good humour and care. The silver membership is very good value. It allows you to access a Pilates programme and a range of stretch classes. All are easy to follow, enjoyable and focus on ensuring participants exercise using correct techniques. Thank you Charlotte!

  4. Barbara Constantinou (verified owner)

    I have been a regular member of Charlotte’s stretch classes at Roger Bettles Sport Centre for quite some time and greatly missed them during the early weeks of lockdown. I was therefore really pleased to hear that Charlotte was providing zoom stretch sessions. In addition to subscribing to the excellent stretch sessions which Charlotte presents with good humour, enthusiasm and, as always, huge professionalism, I also subscribed to the silver membership and thoroughly enjoy following the on line video Pilates course. There is good steady progression from one week to the next with very clear instructions. Charlotte’s upbeat manner and good demonstrations keep me motivated throughout the sessions. Thank you Charlotte for providing these inspirational classes which help to keep me fit, have good posture and mobility as well as securing my well being.

  5. Helen Lowe (verified owner)

    Charlotte has been most helpful and supportive towards my attempt to improve my flexibility. I find her classes thorough and comprehensive and the online membership allows me to be flexible about when I can do my classes, along with regular updates to help keep me informed. A personal service which has been most helpful during this difficult time when it would have been so easy to lapse.

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