Gold Membership

£15.00 per month / month with a 60-day free trial and a £30.00 sign-up fee

The Gold Membership package currently includes:

  •  12 week postnatal Pilates program
  •  8 week Pilates for strength and flexibility
  •  Monthly stretch videos

The 12 week postnatal program is aimed at anyone who has a baby within the last 6 months, it is only suitable for those who have had their 6-10 week postnatal check and have been given the all clear to exercise. The aim of the program is to gradually strengthen the body in an all over body approach. The exercises gently move the body to start to strengthen some muscles which have been placed under lots of stress and strain over the last year.

The Gold package also includes the 8 week Pilates program and the stretch videos which are included in the Silver membership package. These two video courses are aimed to help improve your strength and flexibility. The program is suitable for anyone who wants to mobilise their body to increase their range of movement and general all over body strength using little or no equipment.



The idea of both the 12 week postnatal program and the 8 week Pilates program is to complete each video more than once before moving onto the next video. Ideally, you should be able to do complete each video twice in one week, if you still find it quite difficult you may want to complete the same video until you have improved your strengthen and or flexibility. Once you have completed the 12 week postnatal program you should have improved your muscle strength, balance, co-ordination and mobility and you should have the confidence to carry on with the exercises that you were doing before your pregnancy. You may feel ready to start something new which you enjoy to continue to improve your fitness and over all well-being.

The videos in the package require little or no equipment and can be done in the comfort of your own home. You can watch the videos to see what the exercises are, then when you get used to it, you should be able to let it play so that you can just follow the instructions. You may, if you have not already, want to get yourself a exercise mat, resistance band and small Pilates ball.

Please check with your relevant health advisor before committing to this program.  If you have been given the all clear to exercise, it is still very important for you to listen to your body and to not do any of the exercises if they are causing you any problems. For more information please refer to our T’s and C’s. If you have any questions, queries or worries, please feel free to contact me using the links below.


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