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Myofascial release


Did you know… this could make you feel 100 X better in 30 minutes…

What is Fascia?!

Fascia is connective tissue in the body. If fascia is tight and not being used in the correct way it can often cause pain in the body.

When we look at imbalances in the body, we always look at the gait cycle (how we walk) we have evolved to be able to walk and run. When we walk, we should have lots of rebounding, this allows the muscles to support the joints. Otherwise, we get jarring in the body, for example the foot slams on the floor. This creates dehydrated points in the fascia.

Myofascial release is a type of self massage, it creates hydration on the tissues in the body that tend to be de-hydrated. This then creates better muscle contractions which keep the tissues more hydrated. It’s important to drink plenty when you’re doing MFR!

You can do myofascial release using a foam roller, medicine ball, prickly balls, tennis balls or cricket / lacrosse balls if you can tolerate more pressure. The more pressure the better! You should be staying on the same area for 2-5 minutes.

The muscles needs to melt around the pressure that you create which allows you to get deeper to the bits that tend to be dehydrated. When you release the pressure the body then puts water into those areas.

Golden rule for any release: Go towards the discomfort. Keep going until it eases off.

If you can break up the discomfort until it’s not uncomfortable anymore. Probably feel a lot better after. I have had lots of amazing feedback from clients who do regular myofascial release.

& for those who dislike apply pressure to their own body I’m still doing sports massages but I’m limited by my body to 1-2 appointments per week so please book in advance.

On Saturday 9th I will be doing an online class at 10am which includes releasing the pectorals (chest ) and upper traps

On Saturday 23rd I will be doing an online class which includes releasing the calf’s and FEET!  

Join me then 🙂


Myofascial release

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